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You have a Shopify store but are you struggling with the colors and designs? Is your online store struggling for the sale? Or do you not have enough time to run your store? At Consult VA, our Shopify Virtual Assistants can help you and your business grow and can help you deal with all the day to day activities.


Why hire an employee if you can have a dedicated assistant for your business or website who can work virtually at an optimized cost. Along with day to day store and product management our VA's can also help with new store design, marketing and content creations as well.


Shopify Store Design 

Responsive Shopify Theme Design 

Shopify Apps Integration

✅Products and Collection Listing

✅Legal Page Setup

✅Set up payment gateway and Shipping

✅Fast US and worldwide shipping

Marketing Blueprint

✅Social Media Marketing


✅Google Ads

✅Content Marketing

✅Sales Channel Setup

✅Email Marketing

Our Works

Shopify is a one-stop solution for online e-commerce stores. It allows and guides you in a roundabout process from setting up your online store to selling your products. It permits you to arrange your inventory, customize your storefront, track enquiries, respond on orders, and decide on payments mode. Interestingly, it being a user-friendly dashboard, only a few clicks can get you far with managing your store without any hassle!

Shopify Expert Virtual Assistant - Shopify VA

Base Price $400.00 $15.00


Shopify Virtual Assistant

In conclusion:

A custom or personalized contact us form for your Shopify can prove challenging at times. Consult VA's experts will come up with a strategy that is feasible for you and at the time offer value to customers. The team at Consult VA offers marketing expertise to help you configure the platform as per your specifications to achieve website success!


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