Automizely Product Review App Store design apps in Shopify

Display Authentic Product Reviews with Photos and Videos on your Shopify store with Automizely Reviews!

One-Click Reviews Import to your Store

  • Import product photos and text reviews from the AliExpress product page within a few seconds! Simply drag and drop our “Import Reviews” button to your browser bookmark and start importing reviews.

Bulk Import reviews via CSV file

  • Import 500 5-star experiences at once to your store via a CSV file.
  • Add video links to your CSV file, import, and publish beautiful video reviews on your storefront to build brand trust.

Collect reviews on your storefront

Gather and collect reviews from your customers right on your website to build the credibility of your brand with the “Write a review” button.

Review Request Emails

Automate collecting product reviews with photos by setting up triggers for sending post-purchase emails.

  1. By fulfillment- Follow up with your customers with a review request once an order is fulfilled.
  2. By Delivery- Send review invites once the order is marked “Delivered” on AfterShip.
  3. Customize emails to achieve the right messaging and style to match your brand.

Light Up your Store with Stunning Reviews Widgets

Display the imported reviews in your Shopify store in a beautiful way. Customize review layout, color, and font style to match your brand tone.

Impressive Product Review Display

Showcase your product reviews the way you feel will fetch maximum engagement and sales. We offer attention-grabbing widget styles and designs to display your happy customers’ content in the most appealing manner.

Share reviews on social media

Improve customer acquisition by boosting your social proof on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Integrate with Google to showcase reviews and ratings

Help buyers make concrete purchase decisions by displaying your product reviews and ratings in the Google search results and Shopping ads.

Offer buyers incentives for sharing reviews

Enable post-review referral. Offer discounts to shoppers for sharing positive feedback on social media to drive sales and increase CLV.

Supports all Shopify Themes, Mobile-Friendly, and Responsive Design.

Display the review widget/rating widget on the product pages to motivate customers to check out faster.

Reply to reviews

Strengthen your brand image by timely responding to positive and negative feedback.

Growth-Driving Insights

Get data-driven insights in one place. Understand where, when, and how customers are interacting with your customer feedback content.

                Automizely Product Review App Store design apps in Shopify

                Base Price $75.00


                Automizely Product Review App Store design apps in Shopify

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