SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed Store design apps in Shopify

AVADA SEO Suite is the most featured SEO app that will help you outrank your competitors in search results.

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Key benefits:

  • A blazing fast website in the blink of an eye (mobile and desktop)
  • Improve website loading speed (site speed, page speed optimizer), store ranking and conversion.
  • Faster Google index of websites images, content
  • Google structured data / Rich snippet
  • Standardized meta tags
  • Compress images, automatically add images alt attributes -> improve ranking on Google Images
  • Integrate with Google Search Console

Highlight Features of SEO Suite

Page Speed up (Web Vitals) - NEW! HOT!

This is new feature that makes your web pages fast on all devices. Highly improve Page Speed Performance score. We've helped a lot of Shopify stores to 9x (GREEN). 100% Guarantee to improve performance store. 100% full refund, no question asked.

Image optimization

Optimize images (image optimizer SEO, image optimizer online image compression, SEO images, SEO image) to boost loading speed, compress images size and keep its quality unchanged. Optimize images for stores in Shopify Pages, PageFly, Shogun, LayoutHub, Gempages etc.

Optimize Image ALT tag

ALT tags can be added automatically to every image on 3 pages: product page, collection page, and blog post.

Google structured data / Google snippets

Important page structured data (json+ld): Product page, Collection page, Blog listing page, Single Blog, Business, review, item list structured data. Works with Product Reviews,, Ali Reviews, Loox, Fera, Stamped, Rivyo, Klaviyo, Alireviews, Support app selling digital products: NFT, music, ebook, video, livestream.

Meta tags & rules

Automatic optimize meta title and description for 4 pages: Product, Collection, Blog listing, Single Blog page. Also works with Landing Page Builder.

Meta tags and rules are for SEO content, bulk edit SEO, meta tags SEO, fixing meta titles

Site verification

Verify your website authority with Google Search Console, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex Webmaster Tools, Baidu, Alexa, Norton Safe Web.

Social Meta

Add social meta to show previews of your page on social channels

Redirect 404 pages

Allow redirecting 404 pages (404 not found, 404 broken links) to a specific URL

HTML sitemap

HTML sitemap for sitemap generator, sitemap xml generator, sitemap checker, sitemap in SEO, html sitemap.

Instant page loading

Preload any page to speed up your website loading instantly

SEO Analysis

Detailed SEO analysis on your product pages with problem report and improvement solutions

                      SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed Store design apps in Shopify

                      Base Price $75.00


                      SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed Store design apps in Shopify

                      In conclusion:

                      Consult VA will devise a strategy that is feasible for your business and provides customers with value at the same time. It can sometimes be challenging to design a banner and slider that look professional for your Shopify store. With Consult VA's design expertise, you can configure your website to meet your requirements and achieve website success!


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