Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Speed Store design apps in Shopify

Turn your customers into repeat purchasers with!

Tens of thousands of Shopify brands have partnered with Smile to create powerful rewards programs. With over ten years of experience in customer loyalty, Smile allows you to boost sales from your existing customer base. Through points and rewards, you can increase customer engagement to drive repeat orders—all without expensive and unpredictable traditional advertising.

With Smile, you can create and customize a rewards program that is easy to launch and even easier for customers to engage with.

Give shoppers what they want—rewards for loyalty

  • Customers can earn points by taking actions like joining your loyalty program, placing an order, and even celebrating birthdays.
  • Add more ways to earn by connecting Smile with other apps. Integrations with apps like Okendo or Shop for Good let your customers earn points for things like leaving a review or donating to a non-profit.
  • Choose how you reward customers based on your business, whether you use just points, referrals and points, or add an exclusive VIP program.

Keep your brand top of mind for shoppers—wherever they are

  • Add personalized loyalty program details to every email by connecting Smile with integrations. We integrate with email providers like Klaviyo, MailChimp, Omnisend, and more!
  • Set points expiration and reminder emails, encouraging shoppers to use their rewards.
  • Use powerful, on-site reminders called Nudges to encourage customer engagement at just the right time.

Build a rewards program that’s uniquely you

  • Align your rewards program with your brand and stand out from the crowd with a customizable widget and rewards panel on your store.
  • You can adjust where the panel appears, add logos, banner images, advanced color options, and more!
  • Customizing your loyalty program takes minutes, with zero coding required.

Launch your rewards program fast

  • We’ve made it easy to set up and launch Smile. Most merchants have their first customer earning points within the first two days!
  • If you get stuck, we have tons of resources for you to use, including help documents, guides, and videos on YouTube.
  • Our online support team members are experts in loyalty, and can answer any questions you may have along the way—from technical questions to best practices for your business.

                      Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Speed Store design apps in Shopify

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                      Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Speed Store design apps in Shopify

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