Automizely Emails & Pop Up Marketing in Shopify

30+ sales and conversion tools in one place Everything you need to generate leads, automate email marketing, and drive more conversions. Automizely’s seamless integration with Shopify lets you set up your first marketing campaign in seconds.

Sales popup campaigns

Build a high-converting popup strategy with the fully customizable sales capture popup campaign builder.

Email capture popups

Grow your mailing list with healthy, qualified leads using the email capture pop-up campaign builder with custom forms.

Exit-intent popups

Reduce cart abandonment and website bounce rates with branded exit opt-in popups with easy-to-copy coupons.

Upsell popups

Boost your average order value with an enticing in-cart upsell popup builder.

Cart recovery popups

Lower your cart abandonment rate with a no-code popup builder with easy-to-copy sales coupons.

Embed forms

Embed forms into your Shopify store to collect valuable information about your customers

Popup and forms analytics

Empower sales growth strategy with real-time data on your popup campaigns.

Welcome emails

Make a lasting first impression with beautiful coupons to your customers’ inboxes when they sign up.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Recapture lost sales with abandoned cart emails that persuade your customers to come back and complete their purchases.

Email newsletters

Upsell your customers, or send them special offers with email newsletters.

  • Re-engage prospects with follow-up emails.
  • Use filters to reach the right audience.
  • Make them act on the spot with countdown timers.
  • Drive additional sales with promotional bars.

Follow-up emails

Engage customers post-sales and boost response rate with no-code order follow-up emails.

Price drop emails

Recover abandoned carts with price drop emails to inform users that their favorite products have become cheaper.

Back in stock emails

Maximize your sales by sending a proactive notification for out-of-stock products when there’re back in stock.

Web push notifications

Bring customers back to your website with scheduled Windows, Android, & macOS chrome push notifications.

Free shipping bar

Drive more sales and upsells with a clickable free shipping bar at your store.

Social proof popups

Build brand trust with recent sales popup notifications.

Sales boost stickers

Create a sense of urgency with bold promotional stickers on products.

Countdown timers

Boost sales and add a bit of F.O.M.O. to every sale with countdown timers.

Inventory countdown

Use scarcity to motivate customers to purchase products before they’re sold out.

Better CRM

Organize your contacts from a centralized CRM platform to send personalized campaigns.

What's more?

  • Instant search bar
  • Inactive blinking tab
  • Facebook chat widget
  • Product recommendations in emails and popups

          Automizely Emails & Pop Up Marketing in Shopify

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          Automizely Emails & Pop Up Marketing in Shopify

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