Metafields Guru helps you to create, update and delete metafields for products, variants, smart and custom collections, customers, orders (draft orders included), blogs, pages and the shop directly from your Shopify admin panel. Online store 2.0 compatible!

Manage and sync your data with ease

  • The bulk editor allows you to create, update and delete metafields for all resources or a filtered selection with just one click.
  • The import/export functionality is here to help you manage the huge sets of data... and the small ones as well - it's up to you. Import metafields from a spreadsheet, copy metafields from another store or a third-party app's export file? Yep, that will work. With the smart fields mapping, you can import the metafields from a custom CSV file.

Excel-like editor

A customizable tool that helps you to edit the data in bulk, on a single page. Configure the list of metafields to work with: select from metafield sets, Shopify metafield definitions or simply add a bunch of custom metafields — it's up to you to decide. Great for those who prefer to manage the data with spreadsheets.

Metafield sets

Metafield sets allow you to create groups of metafields to be applied to all the entities of specific resource type; let's say to all products. Or you can create a set for a filtered selection. Filter products by vendor, type or tags. Not only it saves time, but also eliminates the need to hassle with the technical details like metafield namespace, key and type - enter the value, save changes and that's it! Over 20 metafield types available!

Browser extension

This cool feature brings metafields management to a completely new level. Now you won't need to switch to the app each time you need to add or update a metafield or a metafield set - manage them directly in Shopify admin panel.

Sandbox mode

The sandbox mode grants you unlimited access to multiple advanced features of our app free of charge as long as your store is on under development. Once you switch to a paid Shopify plan, the sandbox mode will be disabled. You'll need to upgrade your Metafields Guru subscription to keep using these features.

Free plan available. Always.

The main concept of this app remains the same forever: a fast, user-friendly and secure metafields editor everyone can install and use.

We keep your data safe and private

When it comes to protecting your data and private information, we’ve got it locked as safe as the gates of the Underworld guarded by Cerberus. And we never, EVER disclose any data to third-parties without your permission.

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              Metafields Guru MARKETING IN SHOPIFY

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