Sticky Add To Cart Button in Shopify

Looking for a Shopify expert who can help you implement a sticky add to cart button that allows customization? We have Shopify experts at your disposal at Consult VA. Using our in-house Shopify experts, we can help you create a sticky add to cart button with customizable options in Shopify for a fraction of the price.

In addition to Shopify entrepreneurs, there are hundreds of other business owners using the platform to grow their businesses. Consult VA strives to help as many merchants as possible by enabling customization options for a sticky add to cart button within Shopify. This way, you won't have to struggle on your own.

Improve Shop Conversion Rates

Grow your customer base with a sticky mini cart/floating bar and increase sales.

Sales Quickly

With fast checkout and payment options, you can easily purchase the products. There are no unnecessary clicks or steps.

Settings that are flexible

Easily customize the appearance of the cart and bar to suit your tastes and set it up completely.

    Sticky Add To Cart Button in Shopify

    Base Price $75.00


    Sticky Add To Cart Button in Shopify
    Service Included
    ✅ Customizable Add To Cart Button in Shopify
    Not Included
    ✅ Costs related to additional apps (if applicable)

    In conclusion:

    Consult VA will devise a strategy that is feasible for your business and provides customers with value at the same time. It can sometimes be challenging to design a banner and slider that look professional for your Shopify store. With Consult VA's design expertise, you can configure your website to meet your requirements and achieve website success!


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