Swatches on Product page

The service lets you visualize products sold in different colours or fabrics, with clickable swatches displayed on the product page.

You shouldn't rely on your customers to discover the colour variations of your products by opening each product in your store. Keep it clear to them and improve your store sales. Your store's home page and other areas where products can be viewed should display those colours.

If customers can see these options, it is incredibly convenient for them to perceive the full colour range. It's also a more pleasant experience than scrolling through all of the choices, especially when there are a lot of them.

Swatches on Product page

Base Price $99.00


Swatches on Product page
Service Included
✅ Customization of product pages
✅ Product and category pages can show swatches for their specific attributes
✅ Utilizing the Illimitable Product Options app by Consult VA.
✅ Customize the color swatch choice to coordinate together with your store
Not Included
✅ Customize swatches in additional ways

In conclusion:

We can help you add new features to your Shopify store without stressing you out. Make the most of our practical solution to make your store successful.

Our experts at Consult VA can help you add new features to your Shopify store. Connect with us to improve your store management.


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