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If you are a designer and looking to crank your art up a notch by using trendy customisable designs for your next merchandise, you can finally relieve yourself from the pressure of sitting in front of the computer screen and going through the trouble of Adobe illustrator every time you have to design something. It is usually said that not all heroes wear capes, well, keep scrolling and you might as well agree to that.  

We know that great ideas come at unusual places so design anywhere, anytime with PlaceIt. Travelling in the metro? or sitting on the dining table when a great idea strikes your mind? Well, you do not have to get a laptop to create your design anymore. PlaceIt is an app made exclusively for the designers to design something while travelling in a metro or just sitting on the seat of your washroom, this app runs on your mobile phones which comes in handy. 

PlaceIt: Your Ultimate Designer Assistant

PlaceIt has made a grand entry in the life of artists and it has swayed them with the plethora of features for every need, like a t-shirt mockup, social media design, business logos, posters, business cards, music designs, video and gaming assets or even your own Spotify podcast cover. The application will provide you with multiple options for a different requirement which means it can be used by an individual even for his/her basic needs to create a design. 

(Book designing mockup on PlaceIt)

Who can use it? 

With a determination to change the idea of designs, PlaceIt has been created for everyone, be it a college kid figuring out his designing skills by planning for a design for his band tee-shirt or social media creators to design unusually chic posts which sways the audience. With a dream of including everyone in our designing family, PlaceIt is for small businesses, social media influencers, designers, gamers to create cool logos and flyers, music composers and anyone who wants to test their artsy side. 

(Product mockup of a mall poster) 

How does it work?

Getting started with PlaceIt is nothing more than a piece of cake. To get started with designing, one needs to follow the following steps - 

  1. Visit and choose the category for your product designing. There are a wide variety of products and their mockups that one can design, from a simple business card to a tee-shirt design. 
  1. Type in the name of a product you are working on for your next or an upcoming project. For example, a fashion Designer working on their next line of t-shirts.
  1. Press Enter to search. 
  1. Innumerable designs with different designs will appear on your screen, scroll through all the attractive designs and choose what intrigues you the most. 

Find what you require

Going through all of the design to find what you need will take hours of scrolling and well, it will definitely lead to the procrastination of the work after all that useless surfing, hence, PlaceIt has provided a ‘sort’ option for its users to select their designs hassle-free. 

Step for sorting- 

One can easily find a ‘sort’ tool on the left side of the page to discover the required demand. For example, if you have to make a business card, you just need to type ‘Business card’ into the sort search box which will display various designs according to your business. 


  1.   Now that you have found your design, you can further check out the variations in that particular design based on the divisions like Mixed, Best-selling, Newest and Free. 
  2.     Choose the product or even a list of products you are printing your designs on.
  3.     Choose the mockup you need and voila, you’re ready to make a big artist’s impression. 

There are various designs in one particular design as every business is different and your logo, business card or anything which is designed is a blueprint of your entire work, hence, we have made the work easy by providing various subdivisions in a particular design. For example- A law firm might use a less tacky font with a more professional and decent foreground as well as background while a tattoo artist or a salon owner would opt for something more attractive and unprofessional, you will find a various pattern of designs on PlaceIt. 

Tee-shirt Mockup by PlaceIt


We thrive on customising everything so that it looks appealing, be it our habits, way of living or oh well, even our designs. PlaceIt has been created keeping the people and the variations in their taste into consideration. 

PlaceIt offers extensive customisation to find your accurate need for your product or business. You can customise every aspect of your model to represent it in the most appealing and the best way possible. 

You can also personalize every aspect of the model like move and resize the text, images, templates and pretty much anything in your design. Add new images, templates as per the requirements to enhance the beauty of your design. 


Each image/ video/ template has one or more tags attached to it to help sort your results in a better manner. The huge number of tags help in finding a mockup definite to your idea of designing. 

Now that you have a detailed idea of all the designs that you can create on PlaceIt, what are you waiting for? Go and create the next best-selling design for your business.  

Exclusive tools

PlaceIt has the largest collection of mockup on the internet and that is just possible due to the exclusive tools that help in making every project a masterpiece. You can move or resize the components in your designs, remove them and add different templates to make it more appealing. Some of the most important tools used in PlaceIT are- 

Free Image Cropper

This tool is used exclusively for the mockup as well as the design features. The main purpose of this tool is to resize your design or mockup to a specific size so that it fits perfectly for the required design without degrading the quality of the picture. 

So now, you can make an image as small or large as possible to pair it with your design without putting yourself through the trouble of cropping the picture and then working on the quality for hours. 

How does it Work?

To use the free Image cropper, you need to upload the image of your choice, pick the dimensions from the drop-down menu or type in custom dimensions, press enter and ta-da, your customised image is ready to be downloaded and used. 


Using this state-of-the-art tool, you can set the right size for social media posts, improving the quality and increasing the reach of your post. You can even crop your banner for advertisements on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram in the appropriate size to make them appealing. 

Resize existing t-shirt, mobile-covers and mug imprints designs according to your wish for each POD and create unique designs using the application of PlaceIt. 

Video Cropper

The first few seconds of the video is the major reason for attracting the viewers, we are artists and we know how important it is to keep the content short and crisp while advertising about the brand at the same time. Well, when we claimed to be the ultimate stop for all your design needs, we meant it. 

Using the video cropper tool, you can resize MP4 and MOV videos to the custom dimensions of your preference according to your business. 

How does it work?

To use this feature of the application, one needs to upload the selected video for a particular design, pick the dimensions from the bottom left of the video and it’ll be ready to download and develop your next big design.


  1. Optimise videos for web use to make sure that your webpages load faster. It is a quintessential point to keep in mind while including a video into your designs, a viewer is not gonna wait longer for your video to load, choose a video of a small size which has the lowest possibility of buffering. 
  2. Crop your videos to highlight a specific part in your design by using the tools mentioned above, yes, it is that easy to be specific yet enhance your viewers. 
  3. Crop your video to the right size required for different social media platforms. PlaceIt helps in determining the right sizes of the video for different social media platforms, therefore, making your task easy. 

Video to Gif converter

Pepping up your design up by converting your videos into alluring Gifs will kick boost a simple design into something more attractive. Convert your MP4 and MOV videos to Gif using the video to Gif converter to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. 

By now, you all know how easy it is to use the application for designing. To convert a video into a gif you need to upload the desired video, choose a size or a custom dimension and presto! You have your gifs ready to download and put in your designs. 


  1.     Crop the best seconds of a video and highlight them to convert them to an interesting gif.
  2.     You can convert the videos using your browser. No complex video editing tools are required. 
  3.     Optimise the videos for the web to make them look attractive and load faster. 

 With a determination to make everyone a designer, PlaceIt has provided every possible feature from mockups to customizable design samples with a wide variety of options for you, so hop onto different designs and unleash the designer within you. 

If you are looking to have professional assistance for your next trending custom POD image or customised print on demand on PlaceIt, Consult VA will prove to complete the tasks provided before the deadline. We have assisted various designer, store owners and developers in creating their masterpieces, our adequate knowledge, authenticity and professionalism in designing exemplary products sets us apart and makes us the most preferable Virtual Assistant. 

Now Visit PlaceIt for more info and create your first mockup/ design/ video. Now get over 4000 designs for $24.65/month through an exclusive Spreadshirt discount.

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