Blogs- The Best Content Marketing Strategy To Perk Up Your Sales


With the hit of technology, everything has marked its presence online. People prefer shopping for products, services online rather than physically struggling to find their ideal dress or message session when they can relax on their couch and surf through the Internet to find themselves an ideal deal. There’s so many companies doing exactly what you’re doing, so what makes you different? What makes you more preferable over those brands? 

Blog is the only solution to all your e-commerce related problems. When you educate your viewers, give ample amounts of information about what you do, why they should be there and how exactly they are going to get benefitted from your service, you create a boundary of trust and loyalty in which a viewer feels safe to enter and turn into a customer. No matter how many content marketing strategies there are in the market, from infographics to white papers, videos and posts on social media platforms, you would not be able to enjoy welcoming the crowd if you haven’t released the blog section yet. 

A website without blogs is like a building without rooms. 

Let’s say you have built an exemplary website with alluring graphics and right background to text colour texture, the visitor feels intimidated by your creativity and decides to pay you a visit. They surf through your website, products and then finally to aim for some insight, to learn a bit about the company or the brand they are looking for the blogs but alas! There are no blogs, the instant reaction of the customer would be a rush of disappointment and clicking back from the page without any further ado. 

Blogs are informative, communicative and manipulating if curated in such a manner, while setting an e-commerce website, content marketing is the most important thing, a pillar to your entire dream brand, if the pillar is missing, the building might as well just fall down. So why are blogs that important? If that’s your question make sure to read through the entire blog to understand their importance. Here are 10 Reasons why you should include blogs in your e-commerce website. 

1. It Helps In Website Ranking 

Blogging helps your brand come in the vicinity of potential customers. By following proper Search Engine Optimisation techniques, you can stand out in the eyes of the visitor. Keyword research is really important while writing a blog. As soon as the person searches for the specific words of his needs, the blog that has used that particular word is the first one to appear. 

There are numerous tools to extricate the appropriate keywords from, make sure to have a professional SEO team who’ll help you in offering the opportunistic phrases to target your audience. Make sure to create a blog with a keyword friendly title so that the customer feels intrigued and interested to finish the rest of the blog. 

2. Cover As Much Topic As You Like

A blog is endless, people love growing through suggestions, content before opting to convert to a customer. A blog allows you to cover as many topic as you like, sometimes it’s about the product/service, sometimes it’s about how that particular product is going to benefit people. When you write, you interact, you manage to get down to the guts of your reader, convincing them, to give you a try. 

Create as much content as you like to rank up on the website. Although an ecommerce website has the liberty to write about as much topic as they want, yet it is advisable to set a time interval for the release of your blogs. Spamming your customers would only irritate them, taking a break too long would make them lose interest. Well-written, engaging and crispy content never goes out of trend. 

3. Creating An Online Community 

If you are an active brand, creating quirky, interesting content at a regular interval of time or daily, you attract a lot of people to interact on that post via comments, creating an online community. Always try to engage in the blog related comments, emails and posts to ensure the engagement with your customers. Entice your customers and make them believe that this is their safe space. 

4. Blogs are a free form of marketing 

Imagine gaining customers without splurging your wallet on marketing. Even if you have a well packed marketing budget, why spend it on something that’s totally unnecessary? Blogs give brands an efficient way of communicating with your customers and creating content that can be shared all across the social media. 

What’s the entire point of marketing? To be seen more and above than your competitors, isn’t it? An interesting blog with the following of well developed SEO will do that anyway. Try putting an effort in the content, to make it short, concise and build a storyline to let the customers relate with it. 

5. Blogs Tend To Solve Specific Problems 

But the real question still remains, what’s the purpose of writing a blog? Is it to attract visitors? Or to peek up your sales, either case, the sole purpose of the blog is to inform, to educate the visitors about a specific topic, thereby solving the issue. Especially in e-commerce, while a writer is writing the blog, he makes sure to emphasise on the importance of the particular thing his/her brand is selling. 

And why wouldn’t someone buy a product which looks so convincing and is explained with such fine details, right? When a blog solves the problem of your reader, it mainly focuses on two parts, one in which it throws the spotlights on the problems while the other on how it can be solved when the company’s products or services sweep in. 

6. Blog Helps in Building your Image 

It’s not only your logo or tagline that determines how good of a potential your brand has. If the content game of your website is weak, you might as well be losing out on so many customers that you can’t even think about. There are plenty of fishes in the sea, providing the same services that you are, missing out on any detail might prove to be disastrous for your brand’s economy. 

If you pay close attention to this blog, you’ll see how one point is eventually leading to the other one. You can only build your brand’s image when you have successfully solved that particular problem of your viewer, you’ve already marked your name on their good page, chances being that the potential customer might even refer you to their loved ones. 

7. Bring the Traffic To Your Website 

Probably the most obvious point, a blog tends to bring a lot of traffic to your website. There’s a slim line between viewers and customers, the process of conversion is entirely carried out by the quality of the blog being created. Blogging will crank the traffic up a notch, making you top the list whenever a person searches for their desired service/products. 

Your website’s traffic is directly related to your ranking on Google, the more good ranking you possess, the more traffic you will have and vice versa. 

8. Build Internal Link with Blogs 

Blogs also give you a chance to enhance your SEO by providing a means to strengthen your internal and external link with your social media platforms to widen your customer base. 

Usually neglected but one of the most efficient ways of improving your SEO game is by promoting your blogs on the social media channels.  

So fellas, now that you know why blogs are necessary for you e-commerce websites, what’s keeping you away from writing them? Make sure to be very particular about the tips about writing a blog, keep them crisp, informative to crank your business up a notch. 

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