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We only buy what we see, this one statement has a meaning so deep that all the entrepreneurs can simply not deny it. With every moving day, the list of technology is not only increasing but is also getting modified. In order to stay in the loop and compete, we must be ready to know about the modern tools and technologies that helps us in coming under the spotlight. 

One of the major techniques that you can use to fall under the spotlight and sway the crowd for good is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It’d be foolish to deny the importance of SEO in any e-commerce enterprise as it directly affects the crowd that visits your online store. 

In the ancient days, people were more biased towards the physical shops to buy the products to assure the quality, however, with the high competition and the technological drift, the crowd got instantly pulled towards the e-commerce store as soon as the internet became a widely available and cheap facility throughout the world. If we draw a line and start comparing the trends and the primary factor that pulled the customers towards one particular shop and maintained them as the customers, we only find one common factor that still lingers even when the world has taken a shift towards the devices and you already know what it is. Marketing, yes! Marketing is the key factor that enhances your sales be it a physical shop or an e-commerce. 

The ‘word of mouth’ is however now replaced from the relevancy and accuracy that search engine reads by crawling into your content to make sure that you are worthy enough for the rank that the search engine page provides you with. 

Contemporarily, the concept of online shops have become so common that even budding entrepreneurs are preferring to open their stores online. This trend has put a conpetition this strong that only the best can survive. A small-end business can make more money than a high-end brand, and you know what the reason is. SEO, is the main component that makes you reach on the top and attract the viewers which later leads to conversion thereby cranking your business up a notch. Following are the suggestions to help you optimise SEO to kick your ranking up. 

1. Include the Keywords 

One of the most crucial elements of marketing is Keyword research in the contemporary era, the right usage of keyword will prove the relevance of your advertisement and will display it on the screens of your potential customers without requiring any additional effort. 

What is Keyword Research? 

Keywords are the unique terms that display the information, blogs, articles and products when entered into the search engine. Keyword research tells us where the natural search audience comes from.

However, on the contrary to the thought that keywords are all about SEO, it is important to know that keyword research directs all the digital marketing activities. 

With the use of appropriate keywords you can- 

  • Approach your target audience 
  • Discover topics that entertain your target audience
  • Increase potential customers 
  • Experience a hike in the sales and the company economy 
  • Establish your brand 

By now you must’ve developed the knowledge of how important keyword research is, however, to proceed further with it, you must do the keyword research on a regular basis or every-time you put some catchy graphics or post to attract the audience. 

5 Tools To get the the keywords from- 

  • Google Trends 
  • Google Keyword Planner 
  • Keyword Surfer 
  • Answer The Public 
  • Keyworddit

  • 2. Craft A Unique Content

    One of the blunders that can drop your conversion rates and viewership down is using the same content that you are getting from your manufacturer. It is important for the e-commerce store owners to understand that when you are using the same content that you are getting from your manufacturer, it will create the identical content that some other website or store already has. 

    When google crawls into your content, it smartly runs through each and every line that has been written, eventually the pages with the same wordings will be considered to have a duplicate content and will be automatically rejected by the google crawlers. Hence, it is highly advisable to craft your own content which is unique, related to the product, crisp and informative so that the google spiders appreciate your hard work and help you in gaining a good position on the SERPs. 

    However, if you have at least 10,000 or more pages to manage, it will become impossible to do the manual content work that is unique in all those pages. In that case, you can check out various tools that partially automate the procedure, initially the developer has to put up a set of rules for description tags with the help of which each and every page will have varied description tag but will relate to the product that has been mentioned along with a keyword to attract the viewers to your site before any other website. 

    3. Customise Friendly URLs

    Now that you have taken care of the content and gave it your best make sure to shift your attention to the most important yet most underrated components that help in attracting viewers to your website. It is seen that google easily grasps what your page is all about after crawling through your URL, try to relate it to the product or services that you are providing. Try to include a keyword in your link which you feel is the most related and important keyword that is searched by millions over the net. Aim for a clean, organised and a friendly URL to keep it going smoothly. 

    For pages of categories-

    For pages of sub-category-

    For the page of a product-

    5. Intriguing and Eye Grabbing Metadata 

    When your page is displayed on the SERPs, the viewers will indubitably go through the metadata to have a clear idea what the page is about. Making the metadata intriguing, crisp and informative will result in attracting the viewers therefore it is advisable to craft a unique meta description along with the important keywords. 

    5. Optimise Classic Snippets 

    It is evitable that a product that has well written information is more likely to sell itself as compared to a product with missing details. One of the major rules of conversion and ranking on SERPs include the information such as the price, size, colour, availability, reviews, comments and the images of the bought product or service. 

    Try to understand that google algorithm works in the same manner as you do, a site with detailed information will be appreciated by the google spiders and will be rated on the top on the search engine pages. Try to structure your data to appear on the preferable ranks on google. Make a check for any syntax error, spelling mistakes and any possible difficulties that might act as a hindrance to your ranking. 

    6. Include Informative Visuals 

    According to a research, the appearance of the visual aids tend to lure more viewers than compared to a page with only texts. When you include an image or a video to that page, you are indirectly adding more relevance to that page by providing a closer look at the mentioned products and it also saves time for your customer who wants to have a look at the product that he or she is buying. 

    That is the sole reason why every e-commerce website should put pictures and videos to support their products. Moreover, we also advise you to add descriptions along with your pictures, try to include the keywords to ensure that the product is recognised by the google crawlers in the blink of an eye. 

    7. Make your website Mobile Friendly 

    Travelling In a metro or just relaxing in the shower, mobile phones have become so handy and widely available that most of the people actually prefer shopping on their phones. 

    With the high demand, google is now indexing the mobile version of websites to investigate mobile pages to determine how a page should rank in the desktop as well as the mobile search result. Some of the features that will make your website google friendly are listed below- 

    • Refrain from using software like Flash which is usually not very common when it comes to mobile device 
    • Make the font readable without asking the viewers to zoom in 
    • Arrange the texts in such a way that the user doesn’t have to rotate the phone to read the text. 
    • Place the links on your page providing enough space so that the user can click on one link without zooming in. 

    Mobile friendly sites are seen to have 60% more sales than the ones with poor mobile features. When the texts are readable and everything is alluring, it actually convinces the visitors for conversion and turns the viewers to the customers.  Like Google, now Bing is seen to reward the mobile friendly sites. 

    8. Boost the Speed of your Page 

    Ignoring teeny-tiny factors like the speed of your page might prove itself to be hazardous to your e-commerce stores, when the user has to wait for the time just to load a product every time they log in which will directly move to your competitor’s website who is providing them with the better features and faster loading services. 

    Research shows that approximately 80% of the users do not make their way back to the store which soaks up more time that it should. Make sure to sit with your developers to ensure that each and every web page is loaded in the blink of an eye. 

    This article covered an array of options that can make itself useful in the success of your e-commerce stores. What are you waiting for? Keep it moving with these tips to add the accurate details to your site and win the game of SEO like a pro. 

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