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Ella Theme

Beautiful things sell themselves, think about your top five favourite brands, now think about the reason, why are they in the top-five list? Business perks up unparalleled when you understand the arty of selling, our favourite brands have jaw-dropping interiors, mirrors which makes us look like the most beautiful person ever. One of the most important things to boost up your business is the presentation of your products, the right theme will pull all the audience towards your store. Ella Theme is the most trending Shopify’s theme with numerous sections to entertain your views and enhance your reach. 

What is Shopify? 

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that gives us the leverage to set up an online store for various products. It also allows the merchants to sell their products in person with the help of Shopify POS. 

Initially started with a few simple themes to feature the products, currently, Shopify has approximately 1000 alluring themes which allow an individual to feature his products in an organised way. Ella Theme has made its name on the top of the list due to the top-notch functions and various layouts for different products. 



Advantages of Shopify 

- Fully Compatible

This feature is paired along with product filters and Search App to easily browse the products of your needs, saving your time to browse through all the products which you don’t need. 

-  Quick Navigation for Conversion 

The advanced product system filter will help in reforming your conversion by leading the buyers to the product they need without letting them surf through the entire page to land on the desired products. 

- Effective Reach and Recommendation 

The quick search of this theme will enhance your sale by smart reach and recommendations to the buyers on the basis of their previous searches. This will, in turn, reduce the shopping time of your buyers kick boosting your sales. 

- Easy to Use 

 Using Shopify is as easy as a child’s play, with one tap installation, we have tried to keep the browsing easy creating a big impact with the little effort. 

Ella- The Multifunctional Theme

Ella theme is the most preferred theme as it beautifully forms a combination of the colours to provide a gorgeous look to the entire layout which makes your products more appealing than it previously was. It is a cluster of various themes which allows you to design different structures and feature various themes to grow any kind of business. 

Ella is a user-friendly theme designed with elegant, top-notch templates to attract the eyes of the users and skyrockets your business by highlighting your products by putting them on the gorgeous banner and product block on Product Pages, Homepage Layout and Marvelous Shopping Pages.

It has a UI/UX Mobile optimised layout which provides the mobile visitors with a glib functioning and amazing shopping adventure with Ella. So if you are ready to perk up your shopping experience, Ella has a lot of professional and artsy designs variations and an advanced feature in the spotlight of the theme which catches the visitors attention beforehand. One can explore the entire feature simply by scrolling down. 

Ella, being a huge example of modernity would always come up with new features and layouts. Crank it up a notch by choosing Ella Theme for a professional and attractive e-commerce website store to invite all the audience to your store. 

Main Layout of Ella Theme, Shopify

- More than 15 attractive layouts for the homepage. 

- More than 15 stunning Child Themes and more coming to astonish your little ones.   (This is a real deal as there are real child themes which can be used in different businesses). 

- Multiple Header and footer alternative

- More than 7 varieties for category page

- More than 9 options for product page 

- The user also gets to enjoy 5 collection page layout, 06 blog page layout to refer to and various custom pages like Lookbook, FAQs, Contact, Brand Layout in alphabetical order. 

Installation of Ella Theme on Shopify 

Shopify has featured a detailed manual to help people understand the platform, it is advisable to go through the manual to understand the various outlooks for customising your theme for your business, there are more than 1000 themes, considering the variations in people’s choices. It will also help an individual to use Shopify for general shopping purposes. 

To download the latest Ella Theme one must follow these steps- 

Download the collection from Themeforest.net (The file will appear in zip format) 

- After you have downloaded the file, extract it

- Search for Ella-4.0.0-sections-ready.zip file in the folder New Ella Sections Ready 4.0.0. Upload Ella-3.0.0-sections-ready.zip file to your Shopify store and you are good to go. 

Latest update in Ella-4.0.0-sections? (January 2021) 

Ella has been surprising us with innumerable options and constants upgrade which enhances the alluring characteristics of the layouts, making them more attractive and user-friendly. This version of Ella has been proved to be the best version currently, the recent upgrade includes-  

 Huge Update for 15+ Child Themes 

- New Languages (To increase the reach) 

- Different Currencies 

- Updated Instagram 

- New blocks on the homepage for Bagratica, Petica, Jewelias, Furnitica and Bicycle

- Updated for better codes 

- Fixed Minor Bugs 

- Brand New Homepage for Gymuso (Gym Apparel) 

- Updated Soun theme to support multiple products (Added more pages)



General Features of the Theme- 

- ELLA - Responsive Fashion Shopify Theme

You can now select the theme and template of your choice for your Shopify store. Various designs and numerable layouts have given people a wide variety of options to choose the best template which attracts you the most. 

- Responsive Web Design 

The theme is designed in a perfect manner and it will appear in an organised way on every device due to the optimisation of screen resolutions. Every time you open the theme using different devices, the screen is resized, the theme elements transform themselves smoothly according to the screen on every breakpoint (from 320 to 1280 pixels)  in order to modify themselves according to the ongoing resolution. 

- Advanced Mega Menu Module (Mobile Optimised) 

The expanded menu of the theme has taken the crowd for good. The advanced mega menu module helps you to add all the attractive image, banners and video clips and descriptive texts which will eventually make your menus look attractive and informative, drifting all the audience towards your store to fill their carts. 

- Ajax Layered Navigation ( Product Filtering) Module

Now you can browse your desired products without scrolling through all the products. This Module will help you in filtering your products according to your desired colour, size, brand or price. Find your required product at a glance. 

- Flex Slider (Image Slideshow) 

The featured images will be customised according to the transition effect, timing and moving at the homepage. The viewers will see what you will display at the homepage, keeping attractive images with standard quality will intrigue all the viewers to browse through your products. 

- Drop-Down Shopping Cart

When you tap on the cart, the shopping cart blocks appear which will save the space of the site. The viewers will be able to find the cart of any page of your store according to their convenience. 

- Ajax Add To Cart 

This module allows the viewer to add their desired products into the cart without leaving their current page, which leads to a hassle-free shopping, hence, it increases your sales. 

-Newsletter Signup Popup with MailChimp Support 

This module appears on the homepage and makes your viewers sign for the newsletter just in a tap. You can also enhance your reach by providing the icons of various social media icons in this module for your business. 

- Numerous Colour Options 

This module allows you to change the colours in different stores by featuring a wide variety of colour options. 

- Easy to Use 

Shopify admin backend gives you the leverage of editing and managing all the blocks of your store easily. 

- Ajax Infinite Scroll Module 

Apart from Shopify’s default module, you can also enjoy the infinite scrolling module which will help the viewer in scrolling through all the featured products from your store. Basically, this module will keep fetching the content from an upcoming page and adding it to the user’s current page. 

- Customisable Product Category Page 

You can now customise your products with the help of the grid layout. Choose the number of products to display per row on the page in your desired manner. 

- Grid Mode & List Mode 

Grid mode will focus primarily on the product and will display various products just with their names while the list mode puts more light on the product as well as their description. Each product is displayed along with its description horizontally. 

- Product Hover and Quick View

This mode will allow the buyers to take a quick peek at the selected products by the store and add them to cart. Clicking on the quick view will give you the information about that product without landing you on any other page. 

- Customer Reviews 

The Shopify themes and templates are now merged with Product Review where your customer can give the feedback of the product and his shopping experience. 

- Size Chart 

The module helps your customers in taking a peek at the different measurements and choosing their desired products with the help of the size chart. The size chart has different charts for men, women as well as kids and proved to be extremely helpful for the customers, accurate measurement increases the sale of a store. 

- Blog Page Design 

Sassy designs, when paired with fancy words, attract even the keenest of the eyes. The blog section is for all the fashion-savvy people to take a look at the most trending, boho or ethnic designs that are setting major fashion goals in this chic time. 

You can now create blogs in order to provide some entertainment for customers and increase your reach. 

- Custom Contact Page 

Custom contact will automatically inform you about a query or a concern raised by the customers. The admin will get the basic details of the customer and can interact with him helping him with the raised concern. 

- Lookbook 

The lookbook module will help you to display your new design collection to your viewers. It can contain the best and the latest products from your store which will flatter them and influence them to buy that product right away. 


- Product Image Size Setting 

This feature allows the admin to change the size of the product in order to make it look attractive and catches maximum attention of the viewers. For a better experience, ensure that all the displayed products have the same size so as to avoid the page from looking unappealing.

- Instagram Gallery Module 

You can now link your store’s Instagram account to your Shopify’s account (Ella Theme) to direct your website’s viewers to your Instagram account and vice versa. This module can kick-boost the reach of your store. 

Now that you have the detailed knowledge of this alluring theme, crank your business up a notch by downloading it and displaying your products in a presentable manner. Consult VA is the most professional virtual assistant which can help you in building your online store and running it smoothly. 

We provide various forms of services from the professional theme customisation to store designing, we help the store owners, developers and builders to carry out their work in a hassle-free manner, our detailed knowledge about Shopify and experience in the features of various themes of Shopify makes us the dream assistant that everyone wishes for.

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