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In this hurley-burly world where all we care about is hustling, one thing that this generation majorly lacks is patience, don’t we all absolutely hate it when we have to stand in the line to get tickets for a concert, or well, just to browse through the products on the internet. According to many research, the major loss in revenue (approximately 7%) is caused due to the turtle-speed of a website, which is a big hit to shake the grounds of economy.  

We all know that the speed of a site plays an essential role in a successful online business, along with the quality and presentation of its products. So if you want to boom your business by featuring your products on the fastest theme of Shopify, Turbo Theme from Out Of The Sandbox is made exclusively for you. 

What is a Theme? 

A store is nothing less than a dream for its owners, everyone wishes to make it as appealing as possible. Imagine decorating your store so beautifully that it becomes a reason for major sales in your business. A theme is a layout and design of the page which arranges your products in a presentable manner and exhibits the data of your store in the form of products, content and collection which eventually enhances your business. 

Turbo Theme 

Turbo is one of the best creation of Out Of The Sandbox due to its unparalleled speed and power to conquer over the territory of Shopify’s theme. The remarkable loading speed of the browser and the serviceability of the caching kick-boosts the speed of your e-commerce site which leads to customer satisfaction and most importantly maintaining your potential customers. 

Features of Turbo Theme

Apart from its God speed, this theme provides you with innumerable features which cannot be found in any other theme. The features of the Turbo theme are as follows. 

  1. Intelligent Page Preloading 

Only if there were a time machine to predict the future, the majority of our decisions would’ve been turned out to be better, isn’t it? Well, what if we tell you that Turbo has partially mastered the art of it? 

When a user flutters the curser over the link of a page, Turbo works in the background by downloading the content, code, image and the text of that page prior to the moment when the user clicks on it. Now as most of the loading has already been done, the page loads in microseconds without making the users wait. 

Although the time difference between the fluttering and clicking is just a fraction of seconds, it is more than enough to preload the content so that the transition to the next page would be negligible.

If the user does not wish to go to the next page, no harm is done, as the page is already preloaded, if the user decides to visit the page later, they can do it without any wait. 

This theme is also helpful for mobile device users although in a moderately different manner. The store opens in a couple of seconds in the mobile as soon as it detects a fingerprint.

2. Start Image Loading 

A clear image which loads within seconds is like walking the plank. Turbo is rated as the fastest theme for a reason, it uses advance code to direct the optimal image file that can be used in unique situations. 

This theme will allow your customers to view the image on their 27-inch screen without waiting, keenly observing the most minute details of your product. It resizes itself according to the device and features high-quality images, providing your shoppers with the clearest images possible. This theme provides the quality which reaches up to 2048 pixels which is Shopify’s maximum size. 

Well, most of the users scroll on their phones while travelling or eating which are not connected to a home server and if your image is going to eat away their data plans, the sale is surely going down. Again, Turbo on service, it features smaller images to mobile users that avoid using unnecessary bytes, hence, serving high-quality internet without chewing off your customer’s data. 

3. Infinite Scroll and Load More 

This key feature of Turbo allows the store developer to put either “Infinite Scrolling or Load More” option on your collection pages so that your user never run out of options to browse through the products. 

Infinite Scrolling technique automatically loads the next chunk of products as soon as the user reaches the end of the page, providing innumerable options to keep your users engaged. The ‘load more’ option does majorly the same thing as Infinite Scrolling but the user has a choice whether or not he wants to browse through the products, clicking on load more will feature the next batch of products on the screen. 

This feature proves itself to be really useful to feature the wide array of products to your shoppers which will perk up your sale. 

4. Refined Quick Shop 


Turbo’s slick “Quick Shop” is a feature which allows your shoppers to quickly go through the basic information of a product and add them to cart from a stylish modal window which pops up on the collection page of your website. 

This tool has proved itself to be very useful for shoppers who are browsing for limited products, the shoppers can get a sneak peek at the details of the product without having to leave the page. 

Also, it allows shoppers to add a product of their liking to the cart directly from the modal window which helps in boosting the conversions. Wonder what makes this theme faster than the other themes? Turbo’s glib feature will provide you with the product details only when one decides to click on it, hence, it won’t weigh down your collection page. 

5. Minified CSS and Html 

This feature is majorly responsible for the fast operation of the theme, the CSS and Html codes are minified by default which makes a fair amount of formatting is eradicated so that the files are small leading to the fast loading of the website.

6. Turbo and Page-Speed Insight

While surfing through the site, one will not notice best PageSpeed Insight scores due to the fact that many of Turbo’s speed-boosting features aren’t registered on the Page-Speed Insight, especially the page preloading feature.  

7. Constantly getting faster 

Turbo was made with the motive to make it the fastest theme of Shopify, well, we cannot deny that it has accomplished its mission. The developers have worked hard to release innumerable updates which aim to make the theme even faster with every passing moment. 

The e-commerce store developers can now update the theme with the Out of The Sandbox Shopify’s theme updater App so keep your theme faster and kick-boost the revenue of your store. 

Key-features of Turbo Theme

  •  6 styles 
  • Minified Html 
  • Lazy loading and optimized images 
  • Quick page transitions for fast navigation; 
  • Accelerated Quick View functionality; 
  • Predictive (live) search; 
  • Mobile responsive – improved mobile browsing performance; 
  • Highly configurable full-width slideshow and banner image sections with multiple action buttons, text, and colour settings; 
  • High-impact promotional sections with a wide variety of display options; 
  • Adaptable navigation configuration, with various menus and logo 
  • Extendable mega menu with multi-column submenus; 
  • Dismissable promotional banner; 
  • Interactive and animated mini cart; 
  • Various, configurable page templates for more advanced layouts; 
  • Expanded styling options for newsletter signup; 
  • Video banner section that supports YouTube, Vimeo, as well as native MP4 videos. 

Sport and “Ludicrous” Speed Mode 

Sport and ludicrous are two performance settings provided in the theme (Situated in the Theme Editor)

Sport option will provide you with the features which will kick-boost the performance of the website, such as infinite scroll and load more, smart image loading, refined quick shop and minified CSS and Html it doesn’t cover just one feature which is pre-loading of the image that is when the “ludicrous” (The feature, not the rapper :p) makes its appearance. 

There is an option to switch to sport mode when the developer is having difficulties while operating the ludicrous mode on the website. 

Turbo is designed to crank your business up a notch, especially high volume shops and huge inventories. It provides a fine edge and provides your shoppers with a smooth shopping experience with the unparalleled speed which is served with top-notch style and flexibility of the performance. 

The fastest theme requires the fastest service, Consult VA helps you with the expert assistance in setting up your e-commerce store. We provide professional theme customisation and store design assistance for the smooth functioning of your store in a hassle-free manner. Our experience and detailed knowledge about Shopify makes us the most preferable virtual work guide. 

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