Reasons to Hire A Virtual Assistant Right Away

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Setting up an e-commerce website is not a piece of cake, it is a result of all the sweat and blood that the developer has shed to give their business an extra push. However, we are not superhuman, we need to have a helping hand to delegate the time-consuming tasks. 

“Jack of all trades but master of none” is a boon in the current world for small level businesses and startups, yet, when you start focusing on more than one thing to use your skills, you ALWAYS leave a minor task that can prove to be a major factor in the hike in the sales of your business. 

A business involves a lot of things such as setting up a website, making graphics, marketing, sales and customer service, handling all these tasks parallelly by an individual will not only drain him mentally but it will also suck the innovation out of him. This process marks the grand entry of a Virtual Assistant. 

Now before we proceed on why should we hire a Virtual Assistant, let’s have a read about what a Virtual Assistant (AKA VA) is? 


A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides executive services to the clients for a hassle-free setting and smooth running of the e-commerce platform. A VA can have multiple clients who provide them with the various day-to-day task and can work from any corner of the world remotely. 

From small business to a top-notch e-commerce company, a Virtual Assistant can be hired by anyone, hiring a full-time employee can be a little heavy on the pocket for a budding successful business, a Virtual Assistant comes with different experience, hence, different budget. A small e-commerce store will find a VA more convenient in terms of budget, a helping hand will allow the store owners to focus on expanding their business.  

As working from home has become a new trend in modern culture, both employers and employees are looking to explore opportunities where they can feature their talent and get paid for it without taking the trouble of travelling for a 9-5 tiring job. 

Setting up a business is still easy, taking it to the path of success is what makes the journey memorable and requires help, now if you are wondering why should you hire a virtual assistant, keep reading and you’ll be having a ton of reasoning about hiring an assistant. 

  1. Delegate the Tasks 

Now, many of the entrepreneurs might not accept it but low key they’re aware that they can’t handle every part of the business, delegating the task to the virtual assistants will give you some time to focus on the growth of the business. 

You can delegate various tasks of web development, designing, content, marketing, sales and product service to the professionals who will get the work done in a hassle-free manner. 

  1. Budget-friendly Workers 

The major reason why a small scale business owner thinks about multitasking is the fear of exceeding the budget limit by making monthly payments to the workers. Having a virtual assistant is the best option for an entrepreneur, be it a small scale business or a well-established organisation. 

You can hire a virtual assistant without making any commitment of the entire month, paying them according to the task is the new trend of kick-boosting the business. 

A VA can be hired based on hour, tasks, months and contracts, which doesn’t only reduce the labor cost but is also a hassle-free way to hire virtual employees for your business. 

  1. Enhance Efficiency by Deploying Peripheral Tasks

It’s not the major task that proves itself to be hectic, its the minor tasks that require most of the attention for a smooth running. The owner can always pass on tasks like product research, email and newsletter handling, customer dealing and scheduling meeting to the virtual assistants so that he can primarily focus on building the strategies for business enhancement. 

By outsourcing these tertiary tasks to a virtual assistant with the right skill set, you can shift all your focus to the primary task and use your time for better work. 

  1. Perk-up Your E-commerce Operation 

With the sudden increase in the scope of your business, a virtual assistant will be the best choice on the go. You can simply hire a virtual assistant temporarily when the business reaches the zenith of sales without getting involved in the hassle of hiring employees and completing the on-boarding process. 

Once your business cranks up a notch, you can finally look for full-time employees. 

  1. On-point Customer Service (24*7)

When your business starts perking up its sales and expanding its territory across the globe, so does the queries and demand for customer satisfaction. 

But setting up a customer satisfaction team in one area will not only leave your customers unanswered but will also start meddling with the sales. And the superhero without capes makes its entry yet again, one of the most preferable thing about a VA is that they work remotely and can be hired across the globe to solve the queries of people in that particular country. 

For example- Imagine you have your office in New York but the majority of your customers are from South Asia say India, Pakistan due to the difference in time zones, your customers will have to face a lot of difficulties to raise a query which will eventually drive them apart from your business. A native VA will, however, solve the query and maintain your potential customers. 

  1. Gives You Some Free Time 

It is important to slip into the arms of Mother Nature and take a rest from your regular work once in a while, but with continuously getting caught up in the work, it is usually hard to leave the business on its own. 

However, you can always outsource the burden and scheduling on a Virtual Assistant for a while to enjoy the holidays and rejuvenate your mind for better working and planning for the future. 

  1. Helps in Enhancing Your Strategies 

Ideas become even more innovative when shaped by the right mind, hiring a virtual assistant for business development will help you in developing new strategies and bringing them into action. 

Having a Virtual Assistant is like having a business partner without having to share the profit, you can always hire a VA to chip in their ideas in the enhancement of the strategies. 

What tasks can you pass on to a VA? 

When a business reaches the zenith of its success, it is due to the different areas of a business. There are a lot of things going on in any e-commerce store, a virtual assistant can handle different tasks in your business according to their area of expertise. You can hire a VA for a wide variety of tasks, from the technical part to the sales part, a VA can handle it all. Here are some tasks that you can pass on to your assistant for your e-commerce website- 

  1. Website Development. 
  1. Product Management 
  1. Graphic Designing and Photography 
  1. Content Management 
  1. Marketing 
  1. Customer Support 
  1. Business Development 

Where to find a professional Virtual Assistant 

You can find your dream virtual assistants on many websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Vanteworking et cetera. You can outsource any work to a VA and pay him according to the projects or hours. 

You can hire a VA for one particular task as well as for a wide range of tasks, an e-commerce website that wants to get all the work done with the help of a VA can get in touch with various organisations that have a professional team of people from website development to customer handling. 

By now, you must’ve understood how important it is to hire a VA for the smooth running of your e-commerce websites, a VA is an experienced person who works at his best to give you a hassle-free experience. 

Consult VA believes in 3Ps that is Premium, Passionate and Personalized. We are a group of passionate people who believe in delivering premium quality of work which can be personalized by the provider of the work. We believe in growing, hence, we dedicate some part of our day to learn about the updated ways to help our clients in new ways. 

Why Consult VA? 

We're regarded as a  top-ranked Virtual Assistant for good reason. For example, we make sure you always have a trained backup VA in case of vacation or emergencies, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. 


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