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Now that the world is taking a walk towards modernity, we all have a social media presence, scrolling and surfing through the internet is a major part of our daily lives. Unlike ancient times, businesses are now focusing more on their digital presence and marketing to kick-boost the reach of their products or services and take a journey with their potential customers. 

Digital marketing is perking-up the business of the Millennial to the next level but like every other marketing tricks, digital marketing will make your e-commerce store reach at the zenith of sales if done right. 

One of the most crucial elements of marketing is Keyword research in the contemporary era, the right usage of keyword will prove the relevance of your advertisement and will display it on the screens of your potential customers without requiring any additional effort. 

Think about the first blog that appears as soon as you enter about any desired requirement of yours in the search engine, the first blog that pops up at the top catches our attention, doesn’t it? That blog is a result of relevant keyword usage when a person searches, a blog which contains the right hashtag will be ranked by the search engine on the top of that page. 

Now before we proceed with how can you make the right usage of keywords, we would want you to give in-detailed knowledge about the importance of Keyword research.

What is Keyword Research? 

Keywords are the unique terms that display the information, blogs, articles and products when entered into the search engine. Keyword research tells us where does the natural search audience come from.

However, on the contrary to the thought that keywords are all about SEO, it is important to know that keyword research directs all the digital marketing activities. 

With the use of appropriate keywords you can- 

  • Approach your target audience 
  • Discover topics that entertain your target audience
  • Increase potential customers 
  • Experience a hike in the sales and the company economy 
  • Establish your brand 

By now you must’ve developed the knowledge of how important the keyword research is, however, to proceed further with it, you must do the keyword research on a regular basis or every-time you put some catchy graphics or post to attract the audience. 

With every passing day, even hour a new technology or a product startles us with its unique feature which is new and probably not discovered by most of the e-commerce websites. Same works with the keywords, the analysis of the keywords on a regular basis are required because- 

  • Diversity in keywords 

 To crank the reach of your audience up a notch, one must find new ways to say the same things, it is important to walk along with the trend, try to find out the appropriate keywords in multiple ways. 

  • Your audience has new requirements, the usage of search engine changes with every passing day. 
  • Your e-commerce website needs to keep updating the content game to make it more relevant 

Importance of Keywords in Content Marketing 

Content is the detailed presentation of the services provided by an e-commerce website, it is the primary step that is taken while talking about digital marketing. Content creation and SEO walks parallelly, the success of one thing majorly depends on the other one. 

While content marketing is majorly artistic on the other hand, SEO is more technical, an SEO expert gives a helping hand to the content creator in writing more SEO-friendly blog 

So if you want to start with the basics of content marketing to promote your brand and reach to your target audience, read long. 

Topic Research 

Creating content on the hot topic might not be a piece of cake but one can surely find the topic without going through the hassle to dig deep into the internet to find the “trending topic” 

Topic research is a tool which helps you in pr creating content that is running high on demand and increasing your reach. 


One can use their city location to search for the hot-topic to write about. 

For your benefit, one can change the view from Cards to: 

  1. Explorer- If you like to work with tables 
  2. Overview- If you want a summarized form of the report 
  3. Mindmap- Helps in displaying more visual side of your topic cards

With any view, The users will be presented with - 

  1. Headlines- Catchy titles to save you putting extra effort. 
  1. Questions- Frequently asked questions about the topic, specifying the solutions to the questions in your blog will add more relevance to the blog. 
  1. Related Searches- You can even find the related searches to a particular topic. It is more likely that many e-commerce websites will work on the direct topic on priority, related searches help you in expanding your content territory and increasing the reach. 

If you use all the three points to shape your content, the piece will not only prove itself to be engaging but will also add relevance to your blog solving multiple queries and specifications. 

Traditional Keyword Research 

Do not buy the myth of “Traditional Keyword Research” no more holds any importance. 

The old method of keyword research is an approach made to make your content rich with words that act as a cherry on the cake to your blog. Portraying this method as traditional and fail proves nothing but mere lack of innovation in the contemporary era. 

Use SEMrush toolkit to discover some of the best keywords for your content to create an unbeatable blog that attracts the keenest of the eyes. Good tactics may run out of trend but it always creates a way to make you unique, starting with a traditional form of keyword research will make your content unique and different from the other content. 

Keyword Overview- For a quick analysis 

Keyword overview is the most appropriate and hassle-free way to get a quick analysis of your keywords, A thorough summary of the crucial keyword metrics — volume, CPC, competition in paid search, top-ranking pages, ad copy, et-cetera. 

All you need to do is to launch the report and enter the desired keywords in the search bar and begin with the analyzing process. 

Keyword Overview- Ad History Report

This tool allows users to identify advertising trends and learn whether or not was that particular keyword used in paid research previously. 

The cross-section displays the paid-position of the advertisement in recent months. However, the positioning of the search result pages aren’t intended to be the way it is, even the highest bidder can appear in the bottom of a search result. 

You may find the quantity of ad traffic along with its price and the total number of advertisements for that particular keyword. 

Keyword Magic Tool- Helping you build a keyword Masterlist 

If you want to take an extra step and dig deep for constructing tremendous master lists, Keyword Magic is quite literally the magic tool for you to use. Explore the nooks and discover your niche to find the desired keywords. 



Tap on the search icon to start. 

Don’t get glued to the first option that catches your attention, explore different topics to develop a detailed idea about the ad group and PPC of your choice. 

You can also use the “sort” option to dump the group that you don’t need and display the groups and subgroups of your choice. 

Use the Match Modifiers tool which allows you to broaden or narrow down the keyword selection. 

Keyword Difficulty- Find a Competitive Edge 

Dreams do come true when you put the right amount of effort to pursue it, same is the case with the keywords. However, you must accept the fact that not every keyword is going to make at the top of the list right away. Smart work is the key, prioritise your efforts according to the work before putting them. 

This tool will help in specifying how difficult would it be for your competitors to create a keyword that holds the capacity to outrank your keywords. With the help of this tool, the users will have an idea about where should they put their efforts first. 

This tool will also help in identifying whether or not a website has the capacity to outrank the pages that appear on the top of the Google search engine. The difficulty index is a percentage (1-100%). When the difficulty percentage is high it means that you need to put more effort into outranking your competitors. 

Competitor based Keyword Research

Quite the opposite of the traditional approach to finding the keywords, this tool will gather all the main keywords from the competitor’s blogs to commence the research. 

You can use more than one approach to the keyword research, use different techniques to boost the keyword research. One can take advantage of gathering the insights of the 

Tools for competitor-based keyword research:

→ Explore Your Natural Competitors

→ Pinpoint Your Rivals in Paid Search

→ Compare Keyword With Your Competitors

Organic Research- Discover Your Organic Competitors

Organic Research helps you in finding the organic search competitors, examine their rankings and the keywords responsible for their ranking.

This tool will help you in analyzing your competitors, what are you competing against to prioritize the efforts and put in on the right place to compete with their rank on the search engine. 

All you need to do is to visit “Organic Research”, type your domain in the search bar, tap on to the competitor’s tab and scroll down to the details. 

Keyword Gap: Compare Keyword Portfolios 

This tool allows its users to compare the domain’s keyword profile shoulder to shoulder. 

It is a great way to explore the opportunities and find where you can put more effort. 

Get started with finding the keywords that are making your competitor rank above you in the search engine.  

Discover keywords on the various level now 

Now that you know about the innumerable facility provided by SEMrush, what are you waiting for? Grab a place on the top of the search engine and get going with your e-commerce business. 

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