Top Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Website Should Have A Blog

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As we are taking a walk towards technology and modernity, we witness countless surprising tricks to crank our business up a notch. In the current situation, when the world runs on the screen for millennials, the internet has become a boon for numerable small scale business. 

As an entrepreneur, you must focus on every aspect that kick-boost the sales of your business, content, being one of the most crucial elements. Now, one of the most common myths that dangle in the atmosphere of business is that your business type decided whether or not you should have content on your website. For instance, a motorsport website should have more content as compared to a candy store. 

Even if your primary goal is to turn your viewers into customers and drive traffic towards your service/products, we can enlist countless reasons why you MUST put a blog on your e-commerce website.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (AKA SEO)

The primary purpose of setting a marketing campaign is to draw viewers to your website, right? Well, writing a blog is one of the best ways to attract viewers and put up additional discounts along with alluring products to turn that viewer into a loyal customer. 

SEO is a great way to boost the reach of your e-commerce website and engage with new customers. While writing a blog, the writer should focus on making it SEO-friendly and dumping the keywords in the blog to rank on the top of a search engine page, thereby, interacting with new customers. 

As you keep creating new blogs for your website, you can put a backlink which will direct the viewer to your website, thereby, boosting your SEO

2. Engage & Influence Your Viewers 

Apart from being the one-stop for your customers while selling your product or service, you must aim for engaging them with your stories and influencing them to try the service to witness the delight. 

For instance, if you are selling designer clothes, you can write a blog about how to wear them, pair them with different outfits to grab all the attention et cetera. It will influence the customers to visit your website even when they do not intend to shop, and they will visit your site to follow the trend and tips to dress. 

You can also post graphics such as photos and videos to make your website look more appealing. 

3. Enhance Your Conversion Rates 

A blog not only makes you rank on the top of the page if made SEO-friendly, but it also enhances your conversions. A blog has the power to sway the reader if written correctly, and it will make the reader feel related and somehow provides the confidence to the buyer to try the new product. 

4. Brands You In The Eyes Of Your Customers

Blogs are the key to market your brand as an industry guru. You can use your website to create blogs that entails the tips and tricks, hacks to use the featured product in different ways and innovative DIY videos that focus on entertaining your customers and adding brand value in the market. 

5. The Best Place To Make Announcements 

Even if you consider social media to be the best place for making announcements regarding any exciting news, your e-commerce website will remain one of the best places to announce the launch of your new products or unbeatable discounts. The customers rely on the site to get notified about the latest happenings and coupons on the products. 

Eye-grabbing graphics, when mingled with informative content enhances the reach of your store while perking up your economy. 

6. Builds A community

One of the greatest hacks to set your brand image to a broader range of audience is to let your customers participate in any post made on the website. Allow your customers to comment on your posts and engage with people just like they do it on social media sites. 

The store owner has the right to approve the comments before they go live so one does not have to worry about toxic comments, however, you should work on the constructive criticisms and solve the customer’s query. Consider replying in a friendly manner and try to be as quick as a fox to show interest in your customers. 

7. Creates Brand Loyalty 

You may feature some of the best services and products around the globe, but if you are not able to create a sense of loyalty in your customers, the economy of your store will most likely walk down the graph. 

As an entrepreneur, you must find one reason that will make your customers stick to you for buying the products every time they feel like shopping. Create strategies that will help you in touching the customers emotionally, try engaging in a social cause along with promoting your product. A blog will give your buyers a reason to be attached for more than shopping purpose, let’s say, a brand donates 5% of the overall sale to the unprivileged children. 

Make sure to keep your posts short, informative, crispy and entertaining. No one likes reading a blog which lacks crucial information. 

8. Is The Best Pal Of Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing and blogging go hand in hand, and every blog comes with a URL that can be posted on your social media posts so that it directly shifts the viewers from the social media to your e-commerce website and vice versa. 

You can consider adding appreciation icons such as “like” and “comment” to get an overview of the customer’s experience and to work on it. Use your social media icons on your blog posts which will direct your viewers back to the social media page in case they want to exit, and this will help you in gaining more followers. 

Again, remember to maintain the interaction and consider the viewpoints of the customers to keep them happy and satisfied, remember a happy customer is a satisfied customer. 

9. Has the Potential To Go Viral 

A blog has the potential to go viral if the content is created with keen observation of various factors such as market research, aiming your target audience, following the trend and creating something out of the box. Make sure to provide a share icon so that your customers can share it instantly in a trouble-free manner, increasing the reach will indubitably enhance your company’s economy. 

Keep posting interactive and relevant blogs to maintain the symbiotic relationship with your customers and engage them with your content such as blogs and visuals which can go viral.

10. It Is An Unpaid Marketing Platform

Your website is the only platform where you can market all you want without worrying about the budget, and your blog is a form of free marketing. For instance, if you have created a blog which features different clothing styles, you can add the backlink under the given category which will land your customers directly, on the page which features the product. 

A good entrepreneur will make the most out of everything, why miss the most crucial platform? Write eye-catching blogs and content to enhance your reach and watch your business reach zenith of economy and success. 

Content is an integral part of anything, be it business. A customer only sees what he buys, it is necessary to keep the content short and crisp and to the point to give readers the essential information and increase the sales. Higher the number of articles on your website, higher is the approach to the target market. 

Now that you have a slew of reasons why your e-commerce website must have blogs, what are you waiting for? Create engaging content to kick-boost the reach of your online store and make it go viral. 

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