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Accept it or not we are all running in the marathon of “online marketing”, we often search for unique ways which can make us different and preferable over any other e-commerce website. However, getting the audience and enhancing the number crucially depends on some of the significant factors and SEO is one of them. 

The word “Free” attracts the attention of pretty much everyone, now imagine how good that free would be if it has the power to bring extra traffic, ranking, money and reputation to the website? When our business is taking baby steps, we have to take care of a lot of things economically, and thankfully there are many free SEO tools that you can use to save up the cost and broaden your audience range. 

As we said, there are a ton of SEO tools, but some of them are absolute garbage, so we are going to list the powerful, easy to use, innate and well, adding a cherry to the cake FREE SEO tools. 

1. Google Analytics 

If you are an e-commerce marketer, you must know that this tool is the foundation of your online business, if you have not been using it, you already know where you were doing it wrong. Google Analytics is the soul of your online business, and you can not expect to rise without it. It is the only data source that delivers high quality and in-depth information for you to act upon it. 

Google Analytics gives you a glimpse of detailed website statistics and searches insights. Apart from tracking the traffic on your website, you will also get the ‘particular keywords’ or terms which are drawing the traffic to your site. 


To get the required data you need to click on Acquisition > Search Console > Queries or to know about the keywords responsible for landing the viewers on your website, you need to click on Acquisition > Campaigns > Organic Keywords. 

2. Google PageSpeed Insights 

Examine the speed and usability of your website on various devices such as mobile phones and desktops. To check the speed and usability, you need to enter the URL in the analyser bar, and the tool will display the loading time for the site you searched, it will also identify the opportunities to improve your website. 

You can also check the ‘User Experience Score’ and grading areas of the website on your mobile phone. 

3. Google Keyword Planner 

    Know what’s Trending 

The primary purpose of SEO is to increase your reach, with appropriate keywords, you can attract more viewers with the use of the given keywords. This tool allows you to know what people are searching for. 

You can enter one keyword or a couple of keywords into the search bar, and Google will display the statistics to guide your strategies. The strategies include search volumes per month, competitions and some additional keywords that can enhance the reach on your e-commerce website. 

4. Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tool 

You must have understood how crucial google is when it comes to SEO, from the traditional approach to the SEO such as finding the keyword to a modern method like insight, it plays a vital role in landing viewers on your site. 

The webmaster tools give you an idea of what the search engine thinks about your website, and it is also helpful in finding out the bugs, any major issue which is making your website rank on the bottom of the page and indexing issues. 

You need to install both of these tools on your website if you have a WordPress account, you can add the webmaster code directly with the help of a plugin like a Yoast or jetpack. 

5. Ahref’s Backlink Checker

  For Extensive Link Analysis 

Ahref’s backlink checker displays the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL. It also shows the top five most linked pages, widely used standard anchor texts, the total no. of backlinks and the referring domains along with domain rating and URL rating.  

Here are a few stats from this tool which brings it into the top 10 list of best SEO tools 

  • 16 Trillion Known Links 
  • 17 million eccentric domains 
  • Seven billion pages crawled every day. 

6. Ahref’s SEO Toolbar 

Ahref’s SEO Toolbar is a tool which can be used as an extension on Chrome and Firefox that displays SEO metrics in the browser. 

It creates a report for the On-Page SEO for the desired website with crucial elements such as the title, meta title, meta description, word count, canonicals, OG tags etcetera. 

Apart from that this tool also helps in- 

  • Checking for broken links
  • Tracing the redirected chain
  • Highlighting the nofollow links 
  • Displaying Ahref’s SEO matrics 

You can see the amount of traffic a website gets every month, along with the attached backlink and the keywords responsible for the ranking of that website. With the right tool, you can add reputation and relevance to your site. 

7. Google Trends 

This tool displayed the popularity of a particular topic area wise over time. After having the knowledge about the most trending topics in your area or any other area where the subject is trending, creating content on that topic with eye-catching content will bring viewers to your website. Try to keep your content unique, dump the right amount of keywords to make yourself more preferable, remember that many sites are talking about it, its “how they talk” which makes them unique. 

Avoid writing on the topics which usually have little or no demand. 

 8. Keyworddit

This tool majorly takes out the keywords from Reddit. You just need to put the desired subreddit into the search bar, and a list of keywords will be pulled out along with the monthly search volume to prove its popularity. 

In case you are wondering why your previous content did not receive as much attention as it required. In that case, it is due to the “Popularity of the topic”, using this tool will not only help you in the keywords but it will also inform you about the topics that the audience demands. 

With the help of this tool, you can attract more viewers and maintain your old viewers. 

9. Google Business Review Link Generator 

This tool creates a link which will direct the viewers to review your business on Google, which will add more relevance and will add trust factor to draw more audience to, your store. 

Customer reviews are the quintessential factors in local businesses, and let’s say a person is searching for “best salons in Delhi”, only the highly-rated salons will appear at the top of the page of the search engine which will automatically catch the user’s attention. 

You can create a shareable link with the help of this tool and share it with your customers to add reviews and authenticity to your business. 


By now, you must’ve known the importance of keywords in SEO. This tool will display infinite keywords based on a single keyword search, for instance, when you will search for the word Instagram, numerable words will appear on the basis of many factors such as search volume, trend, CPC and competition. 

All you need to do is to enter the keyword which is followed by numerous related keywords and frequently asked questions. 

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